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Benefits Of Having Bonsai Plants

Bonsai plants- The benefits it has on your Body and Soul

Looking to uplift your interior aesthetics of your house by adding beautiful indoor plants? Well then, bonsai plants are just what you need!

Bonsai plants are simply a delight to have in a house. They are elegant to look at, and not just that but they bring with it many physical and spiritual benefits. 

But what is Bonsai exactly? 

The word “Bonsai” is a word that originates from Japan that means “planted in a container”. Japan has always been recognized for its simple and elegant art in everything they do. Inspired by a thousand-year-old Chinese art that resembles nature in its essence, these houseplants are exactly a reminder of how there’s nothing more beautiful than nature in this world.  

For many centuries, China and Japan have been religiously nourishing and embracing the beauty of nature through indoor bonsai plants. 

With passing time, what was quite a limited hobby is now adopted by millions across the world- cultivating Bonsai plants and making them an integral part of their homes. And it’s no wonder why. Bonsai plants are beautiful and give a more appealing and aesthetic look to the house and the environment. Well, natural colours always look great, it’s a win-win. These indoor plants come in different types of unique texture, yet are breathtakingly beautiful.

The bonsai tree species come in four different types:

  • Japanese Maple Tree Bonsai

Ever seen hand-shaped leaves and bark that turn brown with a hint of grey with time? No? Well, that’s what this Japanese Maple tree species of Bonsai brings. This type of indoor plant requires an adequate amount of morning sunlight and fresh air. Though needs to be protected from the harms of frost and harsh sunlight rays. 

  • Banyan Tree Bonsai

An unreal Bonsai tree that seems unreal to the eyes. The Banyan Tree Bonsai is truly one of a kind trees ever cultivated. With wide branches and emerald green leaves cascading down & towards the trunk, this Bonsai plant is ideal to grow in humid climate places. 

  • Ficus Retusa Tree Bonsai

This Bonsai houseplant has an astonishing grey trunk with round-shaped leaves. When you buy these plants online, make sure you can provide these plants partial sunlight during summers, and can keep them out of direct sunlight in the winters. 

  • Crape Myrtle Tree Bonsai

A beautiful flowering Bonsai tree that occasionally sheds its outer layers of its bark that ranges from grey to light pink to rusty brown. Yes, you read it right! This is truly a beautiful bonsai tree species and will be a great addition to your indoor plants collection. Not to forget that the Crape Myrtle plant requires adequate sunlight & flourishing throughout the year. 

Plants are beautiful and bring a wonderful vibe to the house. Bonsai is no different. Bonsai has amazing benefits for humans. It truly is an amazing type of plant species. 

Let us see the benefits it has on the human body, along with its spiritual benefits.

Bonsai Tree Health Benefits

  • Makes you Calm: 

People have forgotten the true importance of peace in life. Everyone is always stressed- mental and physical. Rather than going about a therapist or a doctor and eating medicines that have side effects, in the long run, a Bonsai tree can be a great alternative. Bonsai is a natural stress reliever. 

It helps reduce the stress hormone cortisol and boost the growth of hormones like dopamine and endorphins, which brings about happiness in life. 

  • Breath Fresh Air: 

Having plants around your house is always a good idea. Plants release fresh oxygen by taking in the carbon dioxide in the air. Cultivating bonsai plants will oxidize the air and thus release fresh air. This can help aid sore throat and any mild respiratory problems. 

  • Refresh and Rejuvenate: 

Bonsai has always been respected for its ability to emit rejuvenating and positive energies into life. When you take proper care of your Bonsai plants, you also will enjoy the advantages these Bonsai species bring, there’s no doubt about it. 

  • Physical and Mental Exercise: 

Physical and mental health are two pillars of having a good life. One of the amazing benefits of Bonsai trees is that it helps stimulate awareness, creative thinking, and reduces fatigue by radiating positive vibes and calmness in its surrounding environment. 

Bonsai Tree Spiritual Benefits

  • Learn Persistence and Resilience: 

Bonsai house plants are a symbol of persistence and resilience. They are known to flourish beautifully in harsh conditions. Isn’t it great to take inspiration from a Bonsai tree? Be like a Bonsai tree, persistent and flexible. Let all the difficulties pave the way to success for you.  

  •  Become more Patient and Kind: 

Cultivating such unique flowering plants like Bonsai requires patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither can a Bonsai! But slowly with devotion and patience, you nourish it over some time rightly and it’ll show you the real beauty of it. Water it, fertilize it, prune it with all your heart and soul and see the magic sparkle right before your eyes. 

  • Become Positive and Optimistic: 

Bonsai brings with it great benefits for us humans. One of the standout things about is the way it uplifts the mood and radiates a positive vibe. Growing a Bonsai plant requires the nurturer to envision a positive result for the flowering plant. 

  • Inculcate Harmonious Attitude: 

Bonsai plants, in their essence, bring out simplicity and harmony like that in Japanese culture. No wonder Japan started cultivating Bonsai trees centuries back. A plant nurturer will start to admire how beautiful a Bonsai plant can be. In a way, Bonsai can easily help curate a harmonious feeling in the individual and help them bring about harmony in their life. 

How a Bonsai plant should be taken care of?

Growing any plant requires patience and consistent effort. Bonsai plants aren’t any different. Growing bonsai plants call for patience and dedication. Here are some aspects you should consider when you grow these plants.

  • Water them regularly:

As a kid in school, we surely learned that the food of plants is sunlight and water. Bonsai plants need to be watered daily as well. It helps keep its roots strong and helps it grow. Just be sure not to soak the soil completely wet and that it doesn’t turn dry very often. 

  • Choosing the right pot: 

To maximize the growth of the bonsai plants, you must select the right size of the pot. As the thumb rule goes, make sure the width of your pot must be one- third of your plant’s height. 

But for the plant to grow, the depth of the pot should be at par with the height of the bonsai plant’s trunk. When it significantly grows, it will naturally need to shift to a larger pot. 

  • Trimming: 

Once the bonsai plants start growing, you’ll need to trim the branches and the leaves suitably, to make them grow in a shape you desire. 

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