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8 Proven Benefits Of Snake Plants In Your House

Many indoor plants are placed inside the house to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space they are put in. But did you know that some of these beautiful plants also can improve the quality of your health?

It’s true! The snake plant is one of those plants in the plant kingdom. 

Before we see the many benefits of snake plants, let us see where this amazing snake plant originates from.

What is a snake plant?

Famously known as the Mother In-laws Tongue, the Sansevieria trifasciata (botanical name), aka the Snake Plant originates from the countries in Africa and Asia. 

It has evergreen long sword-shaped leaves and that seems to look like artificial foliage. 

So why are these Snake Plants so Famous?

Well first of all, these snake plants are commonly known as the great home décor plant. These air purifying snake plants come in all sizes. Pleasing to the eye, easy to maintain, and can survive well, even if you forget to water it for a few days or months. How awesome is that! You can’t say this about many indoor plants. 

While the snake plants are safe indoor plants, they should not be consumed in any manner. Their leaves contain a poison that can swell the tongue. So it’s best to keep it at some distance from the children and pets.  

There’s not much to say about these beautiful plants. Apart from the amazing benefits these snake plants have!

Snake plant benefits

The snake plant, commonly referred to as mother-in-law’s tongue, is a resilient indoor plant that can grow anywhere from inches tall to several feet long. 

We all know these plants make great indoor house plants. But why is that? Let us see the top benefits of snake plants:

Similar to other indoor plants, snake plants are a great air purifier. It is one of those few plants that can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air even at night.

These succulent plants are known to perform a unique type of photosynthesis which enhances release of purer oxygen in the air even at night.

This makes it a great indoor plant not only for its beautiful appeal, but for its ability to help purify the air.

Apart from being a great air purifier, snake plants are also known for their ability to remove toxic air pollutants from the air.

From CO2, toluene, and many cancer-causing pollutants, these plants do a wonderful job in removing them from the air.

But apart from removing these toxic pollutants, this species of plants also does a wonderful job in removing allergic particles which are airborne in the air such as formaldehyde and trichloroethylene.

Thus you get to breathe in fresh and clean air.

Being in the succulent family of plants, the Snake Plant can thrive without water for days, even in extreme climatic and warm conditions. So even if you forget watering it for a couple of days, you don’t have to worry about it.

Even in cold weather conditions, and harsh winter environments, these plants don’t require much watering. In fact watering them once or twice in a month will suffice. Just be careful with the watering amount as excessive watering can damage or kill the plant.

A recent study on the severity of air pollutants indoor and outdoor shows that indoor air pollutants can be as deadly as outdoor air. But thanks to snake plants, this can be well taken care of. As we already know that snake plants are great air purifiers, but they are also very both indoor and outdoor environment friendly.

They can easily grow in both environments as it doesn’t require adequate amounts of light to grow. Making this plant a great outdoor plant as well.

Not only that but they help purify the air around much better so that you can breathe in the fresh air. Thus helping you stay in a positive and happy mood.

Snake plants are one of the best air purifying indoor and houseplant in the world. But apart from that,they even look so beautiful. They have that unique aesthetic appeal about them that instantly catches the eye.

If you are looking to enhance the interiors of the house, then these snake plants can help you with that. With their aesthetic looks and straight-curvy thick and tall foliage, which comes in hues of green, light and yellow, the snake plants are beautiful and mesmerizing to look at.

They truly light up the space they are put in.

NASA has performed many experiments on various types of indoor plants to know which act as the best natural air purifiers. In their clean air study of plants, the snake plant has made the list. So if you were reluctant or worrying if you should buy a snake plant or not, don’t be! It’s recognized by NASA. And let’s face it, NASA wouldn’t be wrong now, would it? Being a tremendous air purifier is the reason why the snake plant is accompanies the astronauts to Space.

If you are looking to buy indoor plants online, that are a great alternative to plants with high maintenance, the snake plants would make the ideal choice. 

It’s ability to resist long duration of direct sunlight, dark conditions, and survive days and months without water & fertilizers is truly something amazing.

So if you forget to water them once in a while, don’t worry about it! In fact you can even use compost or organic fertilizers for these plants. Not only will you save a huge chunk of the pie, they do a wonderful job growing them.

If you are looking to bring in some good luck into your house or positive energies to harmonize individuals and the household environment, then the snake plant makes the perfect fit!

Due to its ability to absorb harmful toxins from the air, purify the air, and so beautiful and calming to look at, it is seen that those who have these plants seem to be much happier.

The Takeaway

Know you know the amazing benefits of Snake Plants and how they are one of the best low maintenance houseplants in the world.

It is aesthetic, beautiful and most importantly buying snake plants online in India has never been easier!

 So if you’re looking to either enhance the aesthetic look of your house, or are looking for an air-purifying plant, the snake plant is the ideal species in the plant kingdom to go with.

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