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Does Cactus Make A Great Indoor Plant?

Cactus plants make a great addition to the house. They are one of the best indoor  plants and have been enjoying increased popularity in the garden design world in  recent years. 

But what has been the recent popularity of the cactus plant? Why are people  growing cacti plants in their houses? 

Well, not only are they beautiful, but these cactus plants also help enhance the  quality of our life. Cacti and many other succulent plants are great indoor addition  to houses. 

Being fairly easy to cultivate and maintain, these succulents help enhance your  productivity, radiate positive vibes and purify the air. 

In this blog, we have listed the best benefits of cacti plants and why they make  great indoor plants.  Let’s jump in and see everything you need to know about these therapeutic cacti. Should you be growing cactus at your home? 

We already know that cacti plants radiate positive vibes in the surrounding they  are kept in. These plants are easy to grow, and as long as they are well taken care of, they’ll  be a great addition to enhance the aesthetic of your home.  However, there are many reasons why cacti make excellent indoor plants. Here are the benefits of cultivating cacti indoors:

A study on the correlation between indoor plants and the effect they have on  stress levels in humans has shown positive results. The results showed a reduction  in tension, depression and fatigue in the people who had plants in their households  compared to those who didn’t. 

This is just the gist of what indoor plants like the cactus plant can make to help  you feel better. Whether you have them in your house or office space, having  them around will certainly help everyone feel energetic and have them make the  most of their day. 

Stepping into the office feeling peaceful and cheerful, or getting home in the  calmness of these plants sure would feel great.

If you are a gardener, or already have a beautiful flower garden, you know it feels  great to see something you care about and love flourish with time. Matter of  fact, taking good care of plants and watching them grow right in front of our  eyes is truly mesmerizing to witness

Indoor cacti plants are easy to maintain and grow. They are not demanding like  other succulent plants.

And the best part, to provide your cactus with the best care, you don’t need to  be a botanist. Anyone can take care of it! 

All you need to do is to know the cacti plant’s ideal growing requirements. Some  plants require more watering, fertilizers and sunlight than others. Once you do  this for the cactus plants, you’ll know how to grow them easily.

Let’s face it, plants are a magnificent creation of nature and we just can’t survive  without them. Plants give us fresh oxygen to breathe, but most important of all,  plants even improve the quality of the surrounding air they are kept in. 

One of the best air purifying species in the plant kingdom is the cacti plant

Cactus plants aren’t just great at absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air, but  they also are proven to remove harmful toxins from the air. A study conducted by  NASA scientists in one of their space stations found that there were more  than 107 volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air. 

Apart from absorbing carbon dioxide, these plants can also improve air quality in  other ways. In 1973, NASA scientists conducted a scientific study that identified  over 107 volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air inside one of their space  stations. 

But why does that matter? 

Well, inhaling these harmful volatile organic compounds can cause difficulty  breathing, even nausea, cancer and many other harmful health effects. And that’s  exactly what happened to the people aboard the space station- they had difficulty  breathing. 

To help rectify this situation in the space station, space astronauts started  growing plants, and a few months later they found that all the VOCs in the air had  been eliminated. 

The takeaway?

If you have cacti plants in your home, you can also breathe fresher and cleaner  air all the time. 

While these pollutants just might not be the only concern, other toxins and  bacteria generated from pets, furniture, cleaning chemicals and paints can affect  our health when inhaled through the air. That’s where having cactus flowers can  help minimize these toxins from the air.

That’s true! 

Plants are living creatures. They are unique in their way. Even when a person is  alone at home, they aren’t- they have these beautiful living plants to accompany  them. 

It is human nature to form a great bond with things close to our heart the most whether it’s another person or not. Just as interacting with pets makes people  happy, and comforts them, people feel the same when interacting with cacti  plants and other succulent plants. 

When people interact with plants, they are speaking candidly and pouring out  their hearts. In a way, it just relaxes them and makes them feel content with  themselves. 

When you talk to the cacti plants, you release carbon dioxide of course. And this  helps plants get the extra carbon dioxide which enables them to speed up the  photosynthesis process which helps them grow

Indoor cacti plants help calm the nerves and radiate positive vibes that soothe the  soul. Just being around them can help you feel so relaxed.

Controlled (closed environment like home or office space) tests have indicated  that the cactus plant can help boost productivity by more than 12%

But why is that? 

Well because the cactus plants are great air purifiers and help reduce the excess  carbon dioxide levels drastically.  

Higher carbon dioxide levels in the air are not good for the human body. It can  make you feel restless, agitated, dull and tired to say the least. This can result in  you having to deal with a mild to severe migraine at times, which can affect your  concentration levels and thus productivity. 

Better control this amount of carbon dioxide in the air, and you can see the  opposite effects drastically. That’s why cactus plants are so preferred by people to  have in their homes and offices. 

Since it easily helps purify the air and releases fresher oxygen, people feel  happier, calmer and can easily focus better on their current work at hand.

University of Michigan’s psychology research on the effects of interacting with  nature found a wide range of surprising benefits.  

Whether you take a walk amongst nature, look at photos of plants, have actual  interactions with plants, or even grow them at your home- the study showed that  interacting with plants anyhow can help enhance a person’s memory by at least  20%

So if you or any of your family members suffer from memory loss, having cactus  plants indoors would be a great idea.

On an EndNote

Cactus plants make great indoor plants. They are beautiful, radiate incredible  visual experience when they grow and most of all, their positive health benefits  on humans is truly something special.  

The only thing you should take care of while growing cacti flowers is to have them  in the right place- in open spaces or by windows preferably. 

If you’re looking to buy indoor plants online, Nursery Bazzar is one of the best places to get them. With a wide collection of different types of beautiful cactus  plants, now get the cacti flowers you were just looking for!

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